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Artikel Latihan Soal UNBK SMA Bahasa Inggris – kurikulum terbaru tahun 2020-2021 lengkap soal pilihan ganda, tingkat sekolah menengah atas, ujian akhir.

Latihan Soal UNBK SMA Bahasa Inggris,,, adalah bahasa yang resmi banyak terdapat di negara-negara dan dapat juga digunakan dalam percakapan yang luas. Bahasa Inggris juga sering digunakan oleh orang-orang sebagai bahan berkomunikasi pada lingkungan. Nah sobat kami dari web akan membahsa tentang contoh Soal UNBK SMA Bahasa Inggris.

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Contoh Soal UNBK SMA Bahasa Inggris Soal Pilihan Ganda


Contoh Soal Pilihan Ganda:

I. Jawablah dengan pertanyaan berikut ini!

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1. Toma: How was your trip to Tokyo?
Candy: … with that. I want to go there again in 2 years.

A. I am very happy
B. I am very disappointed
C. I am very unhappy
D. I am very dissatisfied
E. I am not happy

2. Michelle … didn’t see the film “Bonjour Paris” in theaters.

A. Not visible
B. Not visible
C. Not visible
D. Have seen
E. Has not seen

3. My English … really … since I moved to London
A. Has / has improved
B. has been / improved
C. moderate / improved
D. will / increase
E. Medium / improved

4. Whether the tree is a coniferous or deciduous tree, where it bears fruit or not, whether it grows in the tropics or in the temperature zone, each tree consists of three parts: roots, stems and crowns. The root, part of the underground tree, holds the tree firmly against the wind and feeds the trees that are collected from the ground.

The trunk, which is the most important part of wood, is the body of the tree; it carries food from roots to branches. The crown of the tree consists of branches, leaves and fruits from the tree. The leaves use food derived from the stem for various purposes, one of which is called photosynthesis.

Leaves absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Individual progress is very important for human life, because people breathe oxygen.

The main text information is about ..

A. Difference between coniferous and deciduous species
B. The climate in which various species of trees grow
C. general function of the tree
D. Description of the photosynthesis process
E. The use of tree leaves for humans

5. What do you call the text above?
A. Explanation
B. discussion
C. report
D. Descriptive
E. narration

6. Because trees are very important for human life.

A. They protect people from strong winds
B. leaves produce carbon dioxide
C. Strains distributing food to its roots
D. Photosynthesis absorbs carbon diodes
E. They contribute oxygen to the atmosphere

7. but I realized what he had done.

A. Little does he know
B. Little is known
C. Little does he know
D. Little knows
E. Little knows

8. He writes programs … he doesn’t need help.
A. i
B. i
C. For yourself
D. Owned
E. Himself

9. wait longer You will definitely not come.

A. It’s no use
B. Don’t show
C. It is not used
D. This is usability
E. This is not used

10. Mixture rate: fossil carbon increases fuel dioxide from the amount of combustion.

A. Carbon fossil fuels increase the amount of carbon dioxide that is burned
B. Burning carbon dioxide from fossil fuels is increasing
C. Burning fossil fuels increases the amount of carbon dioxide
D. Increased burning of fossil fuel carbon dioxide
E. Fossils increase carbon dioxide fuel from the amount of combustion

11. The nuclear industry faces the risk of controversy and misfortune. Some factories that were built were partially closed for various reasons. Construction costs have risen, electricity demand has declined, electricity demand has declined, and the number of opponents of nuclear power plants has increased rapidly.

The power of nuclear energy, which was previously thought to come from cheap electricity, is currently blocked. The main cause of destruction in the nuclear industry is total failure on Three Miles Island. It is common for machines to go on strike and people make mistakes. However, if this happens at a nuclear power plant, it can cause a big disaster.

It took twenty years and more than one billion dollars (more than the cost of building the facility) to clean the Three Miles Island nuclear power plant. However, the most important thing from the accident was that it destroyed the entire future of nuclear energy. After the devastating accident on Three Miles Island, public opposition to nuclear power existed when the first nuclear power plant had grown.

Nevertheless, nuclear power plants built 20 and 30 years ago continue to work safely and economically. They are smaller than newly built factories and produce electricity from coal or oil. New factories are larger, less secure and managed and operated by less qualified personnel. Many of these factories were designed and built to be closed.

The main text information is about…

A. How nuclear power plants are built
B. Why does the nuclear industry deteriorate
C. Which PLTN caused the disaster
D. when the nuclear industry began
E. What makes alternative nuclear energy promising

12. Compared to new nuclear power plants.

A. Operated more efficiently and safely
B. The energy produced is more expensive than coal
C. Not well designed and buil
D. Lack of good management and skilled workers
E. Can no longer be maintained

13. Question No. 13 and 14 in the following dialog

  1. Manager: “Can you say your name again?”
  2. Tina: Tina Sulaeman
  3. Manager: “address?”
  4. Tina: “Jalan Tigabelas Sawo, Kebayoran Baru.”
  5. Manager: “The latest training?”
  6. Tina: “Law. I graduated from law school.”

What is the latest training from Tina Sulaeman?

A. educational institutions
B. Faculty of Education
C. rights agency
D. professional lawyer
E. faculty of Law

14. Where do applicants live?

A. Thirteen Sawo Street, Kebayoran Baru
B. Sawo sixteen, Kemayoran
C. Seno Tiga Belas, Kebayoran Baru
D. thirteen, Kemayoran
E. Sawo thirty, Kebayoran Baru

15. Questions 15 and 16 relate to the following dialogue.

  • Anita: “There are vacancies every day today.”
  • Dina: “What job is offered?”
  • Anita: “A part-time cook at a Chinese restaurant in the Jakarta Hotel.”
  • Dina: “I will apply for the job.”
  • Anita: “There’s still a vacancy: a waiter in an Italian restaurant.”
  • Dina: I understand. Thanks for the information. “

16. What work did Dina apply for?

A. the teacher
B. a cook
C. a restaurant manager
D. a servant
E. a hotel manager

17. What is the name of the hotel mentioned by Anita?

A. Chinese hotel
B. Italian hotel
C. Hotels in Jakarta
D. International hotel
E. National hotel

18. Questions 18 and 19 refer to the following text.

A supporter of the National Education Law shows every driver who passes through the back gate of the House of Representatives complex in Senayan, Central Jakarta, a sign that reads “Pass the National Education Bill now”. Thousands of members of Islamic groups gathered outside the site on Tuesday to demand that the law be passed.

This section is about.

A. national education
B. Education Bill
C. Supporting bills
D. supportive idea
E. public request

19 “… so the invoice is missed”.. A word supported by … approaches its meaning.

A. speak up
B. discussed
C. approved by
D. choose to
E. more

20. Which of the following sentences is NOT TRUE or ACCORDING to the text above?

A. The man hunted some animals he saw in the forest
B. The hunter sees a pigeon on a branch
C. The man did not shoot pigeons because of a police officer
D. Pigeons help ants on the surface of the water
E. Ants are safe because of pigeons

21. From this story we can conclude that ants and pigeons are good examples for humans because.

A. The bird can fly above the lake
B. Ants can land on the ground
C. Ants can bite the hunter’s feet
D. Hunters can’t fire pigeons
E. They can help save each other’s lives

22. The text above must.

A. Tell the reader the story
B. to explain the story to the reader
C. To entertain the story reader
D. to tell readers about the story
E. Retelling story readers


  1. A few days later the dove flew over the lake
  2. He sees an ant floating on the surface of the water
  3. Ants are those who save the lives of pigeons for hunters
  4. The ant almost sank
  5. Pigeons have an idea, they take a large leaf and throw it on the surface of the water near the ant. Fortunately, ants can do this (paragraph 1)

Which of the following sentences in paragraph 1 is included in the PASSIVE FORM?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
E. 5

24. Text

Raja Rama, his wife Shinta and his brother Laksmana were in the forest. Suddenly there is a beautiful deer. Queen Shinta wants a deer. So she said to her husband, “Please catch a deer for me.” So Rama and Laksmana ran after the deer. Raja Rahwana flies over the forest. He sees Shinta and wants it. So he flew and asked Shinta to go with him. Of course, Shinta didn’t want to go, so she took it by force and put it on her back. And flew to his home in Alengka. When Raja Rama and Laksmana returned with the deer, they discovered that Shinta had disappeared. A talking bird said Ravana kidnapped her. Rama and Laksmana were sad and very angry. So they went to Alengka to get Shinta back from Rahwana.

What is NOT TRUE according to the text.

A. Shinta was in the forest when Rahwana kidnapped her
B. Shinta wants to catch a deer
C. Shinta was taken by force
D. Rama went to Alengka with Laksmana
E. A bird tells Rama where Shinta went

25. Who is the main character of this story.

A. Ravana
B. shinta
C. Lakshman
D. A deer
E. bird

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