Latihan Soal UNBK SMP Bahasa Inggris


Artikel tentang Latihan Soal UNBK SMP Bahasa Inggris – tahun ajaran 2020-2021 tingkat sekolah menengah pertama, lengkap soal pilihan ganda.

Latihan UNBK SMP Bahasa Inggris,,, Hal ini merupakan sebuah mata pelajaran yang sangat populer di kalangan dunia karena sering di gunakan pada media pembelajaran studi dengan percakapan bahasa internasional untuk berinteraksi dengan baik dan benar, kami memberikan soal latihan UNBK tingkat SMP soal pilihan ganda.

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Contoh Soal UNBK SMP Bahasa Inggris


Contoh Soal Pilihan Ganda:

I. Jawablah dengan pertanyaan berikut ini!

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1. From the dialogue above, Fadi.
A. Ask for help
B. Give help
C. Give opinions
D. Ask for opinions

2. Pak Romi: Amanda, can you answer question 5?
Amanda: …
Pak Romi: Good!

The best answer to complete the dialogue above is.
A. No, I can’t.
B. No, I can do it.
C. Yes, I can, sir.
D. Yes, I’m not sure.

3. Najmi: Yesterday I joined the GEMBI Club. Do you want to join?
Alif: … … because I joined the English club.

The best answer to complete the dialogue above is.
A. Yes, I can
B. No, I will not
C. Yes, I will
D. No, I can’t

4. The real expression of the ability to express yourself below is.
A. I was able to drive a car 2 years ago
B. I can sing that song
C. Now I can read the Quran
D. Before you have an accident

5. The actual statement based on the dialogue above is.
A. Rina is not a good friend
B. Rulla and Rina have the same hobby
C. Rulla and Rina have the same novel
D. Rulla and Rina don’t have the same hobby

6. Trans-Jakarta drivers are not permitted to pick up passengers.
The underlined word states.
A. Obligations
B. Suggestions
C. Prohibition
D. Opinion

7. This test is too difficult ……………… ..can do it

A. each
B. nobody
C. one person
D. anyone

8. Ivan: hasan is very smart. Do you think he will win the math competition?

Reyhan: …………. He always solved mathematical problems easily.

A. I can hardly say it
B. I doubt it
C. I think so
D. Who knows

9. Alicia is a singer, Alicia is a songwriter. The best combination of the two sets is

A. Alicia is not a singer or songwriter
B. Alicia is not only a singer but also a songwriter
C. Alicia is not only a singer but also a songwriter
D. Alicia is not a singer, but a song writer

10. referred to below with the exception of mass media.

A. television
B. newspaper
C. Internet
D. radio shows

11. Anna: Is the Indonesian team as strong as Japan?
Cindy: No, I think Japan is stronger than Indonesia.
Ana: But … Chinese, Japanese or Indonesian?
Cindy: Chinese.

A. Which is the strongest
B. Which is the weakest
C. Which plays better
D. Which plays the fastest

12. Jane: Do you want to spend an upcoming vacation with us?
Gina: Where are you going?
Jane: To Pangandaran Beach.
Gina: … My family plans to visit my grandfather in the village.

A. I am sure of that
B. That is a good idea
C. I do not doubt it
D. I am not sure

13. Jack: Do you know the most famous sport in the world?
Bob: Yes. It was an Olympic match.
Jack: Yes. I’m with you

A. of course
B. secure
C. agree
D. disagree

14. Who is the first child
A. Nahara
B. sibling
C. Mita
D. ovi

15. Who is the last child
A. Nahara
B. sibling
C. Mita
D. ovi

16. Mita is Ovis ’.
A. Sister
B. sibling
C. Younger sister
D. Younger brother

17. The above notification means.
A. This program consists of 15 films
B. Anyone over the age of 15 can watch this film
C. This program lasts about 15 minutes
D. This program is made for people under the age of 15 years

18. Why can’t Miyadah’s mother accept orders.
A. He is not interested in that
B. He was involved in a yoga class
C. He will not go home until the evening
D. His boss won’t let him

19. What should Miyadah do after reading the message.
A. Obey mother and accept orders on time
B. Ignore his mother
C. Delete the message
D. Order more food

Read the text and answer questions 20 to 22

Connect the laptop and projector
1) Determine the type of video output your laptop and projector have. Make sure both are compatible. The most common types of video out are VGA, S-Video and HDMI.

2) Make sure your computer and projector are turned off.
3) Take the video cable and connect the laptop and projector. No matter which end you connect to the device, connect one end to the “Computer In” port on the projector and the other end to the video port on the laptop.

4) Connect the projector to an electrical outlet. You might need to connect the power cord to the projector first.
5) Turn on the laptop and projector and wait for them to be fully charged.

6) Activate external video by pressing Fn and F4, F8 or F3 simultaneously. There is a CRT / LCD screen or computer image on the button. Pressing the Fn key and LCD keyboard simultaneously project the laptop screen onto the screen so the laptop screen turns black. Press the button twice to view images on the laptop and projector screen.

20. What is the text about.
A. The steps of the projector projector and laptop
B. How to get to Laptop and HDMI
C. How to install a laptop and projector
D. How to operate Laptop and HDMI

21. What should we do after accentuating the projector to the AC outlet?
A. Turn on the laptop and projector
B. Give everyone time
C. Take the video cable and connect the laptop and projector
D. Activate the Zurück zum Menü Fn and F4, F8, or F3 videos

22. “Pressing the shared button twice will allow.
The word erlauben (step 6)
A. Should
B. Permission
C. Maybe
D. Should

Read the text and answer questions 23 to 25

Pedicab is a small local transportation. He is also known by various other names, such as rickshaws, bikecab, cyclo, rickshaws or rickshaws, or only rickshaws that also refer to automatic rickshaws pulled by people who walk.

Man-made pedicab, a type of pedicab designed to carry passengers other than the driver. They are often used on a rental basis. Pedicabs are common in major cities throughout the world. However, this is most common in cities in South, Southeast and East Asia.

Pedicabs in Indonesia are called pedicabs. Before being banned in the 1970s, Becak was considered an icon of the capital of Jakarta. Citing public order concerns, the city government banned them on the city’s main streets. However, many rickshaws still drove near the slums in the city.

Efforts to tighten the ban resulted in widespread seizures
The vehicle was in the late 1990s and 2007.

23. What is the text about.

A. Modern vehicles
B. traditional vehicle transportation
C. four wheels
D. modern

24. What is the main idea of the second paragraph.

A. The name of the becak is the pedicab
B. Pedicab is considered an icon of the city of Jakarta
C. The government bans pedicabs on main roads.
D. Many rickshaws are still driving in the city

25. From the text we know that.

A. Pedicab is always pulled by someone who walks
B. Many rickshaws are still driving on the main street of the city
C. The government allows pedicabs to ride on any city road
D. Pedicabs are forbidden by the government on the main street of the city

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