Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 11


Artikel tentang contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris kelas 11 tahun 2020-2021, SMA-SMK-MA-STM lengkap dengan soal PG – Essay, pelajaran IBI untuk semester 1-2.

Materi Bahasa Inggris,,,, Mata pelajaran Bahasa inggris adalah salah satu mata pelajaran yang terdapat di SMA/SMK/MA/STM negri dan swasta kelas 11, semester 1-2. sehingga hal ini juga sebagai ilmu yang mempelajari tentang kecerdasan otak dalam berhabasa asing , pada kehidupan sehari-hari. Nah kami juga akan memberikan Soal bahasa inggris Kelas 11 tingkat SMA/SMK/MA/STM.

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Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 11 SMA/SMK/MA/STM Semester 1 & 2 PG dan Essay


Contoh Soal Pilihan Ganda:

I. Jawablah dengan benar soal-soal berikut ini!

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1. Which of the following expressions asks for opinion?

a. I think we should study harder from now on
b. Sally, what did you say about the math test today?
c. Handi, do you want to go to the concert with me?
d. I hope I have the right time to see it
e. I am sorry

Answer: b

2. Which of the following elements is not a narrative text element?

a. plan
b. Settings
c. Character fame
d. characterization
e. time

Answer: c

3. “I warn you not to step on the grass.” The instructions above are used for.

a. give a warning
b. Give advice
c. Asking for permission
d. to give opinions
e. give orders

Answer: a

4. Computer programs help students do their work
Strange words are considered …

a. noun
b. verb
c. adjective
d. noun phrases
e. adverb

Answer: d

5. Narrative texts can be found below, except ….

a. to report
b. the story
c. fairy tale
e. folklore
e. legend

Answer: a

Soal 6-15

One day an old lion realized that he was too tired and too weak to look for food because of age. Unfortunately, he approached his nest and knew that he would die soon. He stopped at the entrance, panted, and spoke in a low, gentle voice to the group of wolves that walked through the nest at that moment. He told them about his poor condition.

Soon news of lion’s disease spread in the forest and caused great concern for other wild animals. The animals feel sorry for paying their last respects.
The old lion was very happy. When every animal enters a nest and it’s within reach, the lion overturns it and makes it feed. The lion soon became fat

The fox came very early in the morning. He also came to pay his respects. The fox, famous for its intelligence and intelligence, approached the lion’s lair very carefully. Standing some distance away, he politely asked about the health of the lion and asked if he felt better.

My friend,” said the lion, “you? I can hardly see you. You are very far away. Please come closer and whisper a few words in my ear to cheer me up because I haven’t lived long.

Meanwhile, the fox watched the floor in front of the lion’s room. In the welding he looked up and left. He said, “Sorry if I didn’t stay because I felt very uncomfortable seeing a lot of footprints that lead to your workplace, but no one left them.”

6. Why does the lion hunt day end?

a. Animals know about lion disease
b. There are no more animals to hunt
c. Wolves always defeat lions
d. Lions grow older and weaker
e. The lion is too strong

Answer: d

7. These words support the view of the lion’s sad code, except …

a. Age
b. too tired and weak
c. Approaching the hive
d. Difficulty breathing
e. I have nausea

Answer: c

8. Old lions are very happy. It means ….

a. Many animals visit the lion out of pity
b. A lion doesn’t have to look for food
c. Every animal that enters the work area shows their respect
d. the lion gets fat
e. The lion is hopeless

Answer: b

9. The trail tells us that …

a. Pack the wolf through the lion room
b. so many animals pay their respects to the old lion
c. Animals that enter the cave do not let me live
d. Lions get better and healthier
e. Animlas wants the lion to die soon

Answer: c

10. How are lions and foxes alike?

a. Lions and foxes are equally respectable
b. The lion and the fox are as strong
c. Lions and foxes are smart bastards
d. The lion and the fox are both honest
e. The lion and the child are patient

Answer: c

11. What characteristics am I trying to express through the fox character?

a. You can save your life by using your mind and intelligence
b. Show respect by visiting friends who are sick
c. Wehn enters the lion’s room. Be careful
d. Stand some distance when facing the lion
e. The fox came very early in the morning

Answer: a

12. What is the best title for the story above?

a. Lions lie
b. Big lion
c. Fox is lying
d. Foxes lie and lions
e. Lion King

Answer: a

13. One day the old lion realized that he was too tired and too weak to look for food because of his age. The word in italics has a cabinet meaning ….

a. difficult
b. minor
c. tired
d. old
e. flashy

Answer: c

14. “Sorry if I didn’t stay because I felt very uncomfortable seeing a lot of footprints that lead to your nest …
The word in italics has a cabinet meaning ….

a. Close
b. relax
c. comfortable
d. a lot of fun
e. enjoy

Answer: d

15. From the story above, we can assume that the fox … represents someone’s nature….

a. stupid
b. wise
c. lazy
d. that man
e. stubborn

Answer: b

Soal 16-17

Rafa: “I have a serious problem today. I just lost my SIM.”
Sifa: “Don’t be sad, my friend, let’s look in the park.”
Rafa: “I’ve been looking for that for hours, but I can’t find it. Do you have any advice?”
Sifa: “You must tell security that it must be disclosed to other students.”
Rafa: “Yes, that sounds good. I hope this helps”

16. Which sentence means suggestion?

a. Don’t be sad, my friend.
b. I just lost my SIM.
c. You have to offer security.
d. Do you have any advice?
e. OK too.

Answer: d

17. Below are sentences that need to be sought for advice, except …

a. Can you tell me what should I do?
b. Do you have any advice for me
c. What would you do
d. Will you give me your advice
e. What should I do

Answer: c

The following dialog is for numbers 1-5

Sifa: “What do you think about Lampung?”
Lisa: “I think Lampung is a beautiful city. There are many beautiful beaches there. Lampung is also famous for its tapis or songket. This is traditional cloth in Lampung.”
Sifa: What about the food? Do you think it’s delicious?
Lisa: I think … yes! Do you know that pipe? Very delicious.
Sifa: “Yes, I know that pipe. By the way … which is better? A mushroom or satay pipe?”
Lisa: I think the pipes are better than satay mushrooms.
Sifa: “I don’t think so. I think mushroom mushrooms are better than pipes because mushroom satay is my favorite food.”
Lisa: So we have different favorite foods.
Sifa: “I think so.”

18. What are the areas discussed between Sifa and Lisa

b. Semarang
c. Jakarta
d. Surabaya
e. Denpasar

Answer: a

19. What is Lisa’s opinion about Lampung

a. This is a beautiful city.
b. This is an ugly city.
c. This is a city full of evil.
d. This is a bad city.
e. This is a small city.

Answer: a

20. What foods did Lisa taste according to the dialogue above

a. Whistle
b. Satay Mushroom.
c. Soup.
d. pizza
e. Burger

Answer: b

21. What is Songket

a. Traditional Lampung dance.
b. Traditional clothing is made from lampung.
c. Traditional food from Lampung.
d. The traditional average of Lampung.
e. Traditional Lampung rituals.

Answer: b

22. “I think Lampung is a beautiful city,,, The above sentence is included in the phrase.

a. Ask for opinions
b. to give opinions
c. agreement
d. dispute
e. neutral position

Answer: b

23. The story is about a stepmother who is.

a. Cry every night
b. Planning to eat children
c. Ask the magician for money
d. Trying to escape from the witch
e. Save the children from the witch

Answer: b

24. Which statement applies to stepmothers?

a. He is a friend of a magician
b. He loves his stepson
c. He hit the witch with a broom
d. He placed his children in a cage
e. He visited a magician to see his children

Answer: e

25. “The witch fell into the oven and the stepmother closed the door”. (Paragraph 4) The underlined word can be replaced with the word …

a. closed down
b. Open
c. Painted
d. Be marked
e. polished

Answer: a

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