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Apa kabar sobat,,, Disinu Artikel Soal Bahasa Inggris kelas 9, SMP-MTs, soal PG – Essay, tahun 2020-2021, di kurikulum 2020 mata pelajaran IBI semester 1/2.

Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris,,,, Bahasa Inggris sebagai pelajaran yang terdapat di sekolahan tingkat menengah pertama (SMP- MTs) atau sekolahan negeri dan swasta, semester 9, 1 dan 2, bahasa asing (bahasa Inggris) kami dari memberikan contoh soal kelas 9 untuk sekolah menengah pertama.

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Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 SMP/MTs Semester 1 & 2 PG dan Essay


Contoh Soal Pilihan Ganda:

I. Jawablah dengan benar soal-soal berikut ini!

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1. Who is the author of the letter?

a. Rahma
b. dina
c. Friend Rahma
d. Dina’s boyfriend

Answer: b

2. To whom was the letter sent?

a. Rahma
b. dina
c. Friend Rahma
d. Dina’s boyfriend

Answer: a

3. What is the suggestion to ask Rahma.

a. How can I advise him to study hard
b. How to spend holidays with friends
c. How to tell a friend about his lies
d. How should he advise his friends not to lie

Answer: d

4. Who is Zulfa?

a. She is friendly
b. He is stubborn.
c. She is a hot girl
d. He is a good friend of Nadine.

Answer: d

5. Why is Zulfa easy to find?

a. Because he is very stubborn.
b. Because he is in a bad mood.
c. Because he’s a smart student.
d. Because he is friendly.

Answer: d

6. Aviet: “How about lunch?”
Diana: “… but I still have a lot of work to do”

a. I regret it
b. I will come
c. I am sure of that
d. I was very doubtful

Answer: b

7. Here we have to cross the road. We … use the crossing to cross the road safely.

a. maybe
b. will
c. should
d. impossible

Answer: c

8. Mother: “Do you have homework tonight?”
Aisha: No, not me. What happened, madam?
Mother: “… in my cooking competition tonight.”
Aisha: Sounds good.

a. I want to invite you to come
b. I am glad to hear it
c. I am very confident
d. I feel very skeptical

Answer: a

9. I will take the final exam next week. So … I study from now on.

a. Should
b. can
c. maybe
d. I go to

Answer: A

10. … he is Arab.

a. Carefully
b. pure
c. beautiful
d. Just

Answer: b

11. Pak Haryanto: Did you come to my house for dinner?
Mr. Andrian: What time is it now?
Pak Haryanto: “We expect your arrival at 7:00 in the morning.”

a. Sorry, I can’t.
b. I doubt it.
c. I have a lot of work.
d. With pleasure.

Answer: d

12. The correct answer is …

a. know
b. now
c. known
d. noun

Answer: c

13. The correct answer is …

a. explained
b. explain
c. explain
d. to throw away

Answer: c

14. The correct answer is …

a. to say
b. the word
c. saw
d. show

Answer: a

15. The correct answer is …

a. Bass
b. grass
c. had been
d. gas

Answer: c

16. The correct answer is …

a. Tools
b. victim
c. high
d. the story

Answer: c

17. The correct answer is …

a. Listening
b. stock
c. worrying about
d. interesting

Answer: d

18. The correct answer is …

a. Bets
b. a bite
c. Get that
d. gate

Answer: c

19. The correct answer is …

a. list
b. urgent
c. can
d. cloud

Answer: a

20. The correct answer is …

a. interesting
b. interested
c. flower
d. was arrested

Answer: b

21. The correct answer is …

a. to play
b. payment
c. purchase
d. the flight

Answer: a

22. X: “My sister will go to Australia next week.
There is a farewell party at home.

a. Did you come to my house?
b. Can you help me search my house?
c. What can I do with my house?
d. Are you going to buy my house?

Answer: a

23. Diane learned the lesson …

a. Hard worker
b. right
c. maybe
d. solely

Answer: a

24. Susan: “We’re going on vacation, aren’t we?”
Hernan: Yes. we will. What are you doing “
Susan: Nothing. How about “
Hernan: “I am … my grandparents in Bandung.

a. visit
b. already visited
c. I will visit
d. visited

Answer: c

25… he did a test.

a. Neat
b. Just
c. right
d. polite

Answer: c

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Contoh Soal Essay:

  1. What is the main idea of the text above….
  2. Another name for the Komodo dragon is
  3. What animal does the dragon eat…. Komodo can
  4. Your announcement has a structure (pattern)…
  5. There is a structure (pattern) for your text procedure
  6. There is an invitation structure (pattern), i.e…
  7. Arrange the following sentences correctly..
  8. Mammal Bear-the-Koala…..
  9. Hospital-Anissa-Nurse, -work-at-her-is…..
  10. Princess Diana’s mother is-of-Prize-William…

Itulah Sobat Soal Bahasa inggris Kelas 9 , Semoga apa yang sudah kami sampaikan di atas dapat memberikan manfaat dan berguna untuk kita semua. Sekian dan terima kasih.

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